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Professional VS independent SEO audit: can you check the site yourself?

To understand whether it is possible to conduct an SEO audit yourself, you should start with what this audit includes. So, the definition:

SEO audit is a comprehensive assessment of the characteristics that affect the indexing of the site, its position in search engines and customer traffic. In other words, the audit evaluates whether the site is ready for promotion, whether the resources available for promotion are used effectively.

If you are the owner of a website, then you have an undeniable advantage – you are better than anyone else in your business and subject area. This will greatly help, for example, when composing the title and description for the site pages or when writing texts in terms of their content.

However, it is important to remember that both tags and texts must be not only meaningful (this is the most important thing), but also qualitatively optimized, then there will be a result. And if you know little about the laws of optimization and are not eager to delve into a lot of nuances, then a full-fledged independent check is not enough

Professional VS independent SEO audit
Professional VS independent SEO audit

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