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Search engine promotion of sites

SEO продвижение, контекстная реклама, вечные ссылки, увеличение ТИЦ сайта, рост трафика на сайт

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You can have the best site on the web, but it’s of little use if you don’t know about it.

In order to attract the target audience, increase sales or promote your own product or service, you need to attract specialists in SEO technologies.

Such actions are aimed at promoting the site and integrating it into the target environment to improve financial or other indicators.

A whole range of measures taken by specialists in this area will show its effectiveness in a couple of months, and the duration of the positive effect will depend on the intensity of the work and the measures taken.

Many large and small companies, individuals and international corporations use these technologies to improve the quality of their own work and promote their own website up the ladder of interest and popularity.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Services of our company

In order to assess the scale of work with the client's website and develop the most effective strategy, our specialists, before starting directly promoting, analyze the existing website, its speed, popularity among users, product or service competition and other indicators, and only then offer work options.

There are several types of website promotion:

· External, which is aimed at optimizing search queries, working with semantic queries, setting links, and other actions;

· Internal, aimed at speeding up the site, setting SEO parameters, selecting key queries, and other actions.

The prices for these services are absolutely transparent and are displayed in the available price list. The cost of work depends on what actions need to be performed by our specialists. Clients of our company know that the high quality of the work performed and the professionalism of the employees will lead to a visible result in 1-3 months.

Companies operating in a highly competitive environment can count on a positive effect after a year of productive cooperation.


In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

SEO does not have an instant effect!

Terms of work from 3 to 6 months, in highly competitive topics up to 1 year

Comprehensive promotion (includes site audit, SEO optimization, external SEO promotion, increasing the "weight" of the site for search engines, contextual advertising)

Internal website optimization INCLUDES:

- Speed ​​up the engine

- Seo description of parameters: title, discription, titles and meta tags.

- Analysis and selection of relevant keywords manually

- Installing Yandex Metrics counters for analyzing site traffic, as well as adding to indexing in a webmaster, which ensures fast indexing by search engines

The order of work when ordering SEO Promotion:

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

1. Analysis of your site

2. Selection of the necessary keywords. Installing Yandex.Metrica, creating an account in the webmaster

3. Selection of anchors for relevant pages of the site

4. Buying "eternal" links from trust resources. The number, as well as the ratio of anchor and non-anchor links, depends on the age of the site and its previous promotion.

5. Indexing by search engines (1-2 months)

6. Growth of positions and traffic to your site

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