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Продвижение сайта интернет магазина

Website development

Website promotion

Сео оптимизация сайта

1. Creation of a site prototype
(3 design options) -
10,000 rubles.

2. Business card website
30,000 rubles. (unique design up to 10 pages, up to 50 photos)

3. Company website (website - catalog) -
35,000 rubles. (Up to 50 pages and 200 photos, unique design.)

4. Creation of a landing page (Landing page) -
45,000 rubles.

5. Online store (without filling with goods) -
50,000 rubles.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

6. Creation of a forum - 60,000 rubles.

Создание сайта лендинга


(100% prepayment)

1. Edits to the site are paid separately at the rate of 500 rubles / hour.

2. Creation of logos -
2000 rubles.

3. Setting up an ssl certificate -
2000 rubles.

4. Creation of groups in social networks -
3000 rubles. ( 1000 subscribers bonus )

5. Audit of your advertisement -
3000 rubles.

6. SEO audit -
3000 rubles.

7. Portrait of the target audience -
5000 rubles.

8. Setting up the mobile version of the site -

RUB 10,000

9. Filling the site -
10,000 rubles. (20 pages. Over 20 pages - 1000 rubles per page).

10. Setting up 1 module (calculator, appointment calendar, online booking, synchronization with Google dock, setting up online payment) - 5000 rubles.

For each type of site, domain and hosting for 1 year + adaptive layout, ssl certificate, and modules: reviews, feedback, map, integration with social networks AS

We kindly ask you to draw up a clear Tech. The task!

When ordering services for the creation of sites, an advance payment of 25% is made

If the client terminates cooperation with the Cyber Pulse Web Studio, the prepayment for the stages of work performed by the studio's specialists is not refundable!
Payment is made according to the scheme: 25 \ 50 \ 25 (work on website creation is divided into 3 stages: layout \ design + domain binding and uploading to hosting \ content)

You can get more detailed information about the work on the creation of sites and other services by contacting the administrator.

Создание сайтов

Услуги создание и продвижение сайта

Работаем с wordpress, webasyst, lpmotor, nethouse и др.
А также можем Вам предложить SEO для Лендинга!
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