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Display Advertising (pay-per-impression)

What is display advertising on Yandex?
How does display advertising differ from contextual advertising?

    Going to various sites in search of information, we often see flashing pictures, pop-up windows or links to various resources before our eyes.

All this is "display advertising".

A banner is not only a hyperlink to the advertiser's website, but also visual information in order to increase the rating and image of the company or, in other words, create a brand.

The content of a banner can be different: from a regular photo or logo to an animated image with overlaid text that can change.

Display advertising is placed on the relevant search resources or on designated banner sites .

Why is display advertising so popular? The answer is simple - it is effective. It finds its application in various promotions, during the promotion of a particular brand, that is, at the moment when you need to advertise your product, tell everyone about it.


The goal of display advertising is to make you know about yourself in a fairly short time, with maximum efficiency. And this is really easy to achieve - if, of course, you place it in the right place at the right time. Display ads act like a virus - fast and massively.

Various types of targeting in the Yandex Direct media company allow you to select an audience by almost any characteristics that are important for an advertising campaign - by geography, interests, income, gender and age.

Display advertising on Yandex covers a wide network of partners

Меийная реклама на Яндексе
  • It attracts more attention compared to the Yandex.Direct text block.
  • Increases brand awareness and trust.
  • It is necessary to conduct an advertising campaign for the target audience.
  • There is too much competition in the special placement of Yandex.Direct.
  • It is necessary to increase the popularity of the brand.
  • You need to bring a new product to market.
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