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SEO Problems: 3 Most Popular Questions From Clients

Search engines are one of the main sources of traffic for most sites, many people dream of breaking into the TOP of the results for the necessary queries, and many are engaged in optimizing their resource for this, but, alas, expectations do not always coincide with reality.

SEO is not about quick results and instant sales, however, many people continue to wait for this and ask SEO specialists the same questions. We will answer them in today's post.

Question #1: Why haven't there been any results for months?

It makes sense to wait for the first results not earlier than 3 months after the start of work. It takes time for search engines to index all the changes on your resource, to understand if they have made the site better, and to compare your updated resource with the offers of competitors.

Question #2: why is there traffic but no orders?

Let's start with the fact that an SEO specialist is solely responsible for attracting traffic, but his presence does not guarantee sales, because a lot also depends on the site. How useful is your resource? Loading fast? Adapted for mobile? Factors affecting conversion.

Question #3: why don't you give guarantees?

We would be happy to give a specific list of works, the implementation of which will 100% bring the site to the TOP, but this is impossible. The rules of the search engines themselves say in black and white that no one, including their employees and, of course, third-party SEO specialists, can guarantee the position of a certain site in a certain position. The same goes for traffic: even if the site has reached the TOP, no one can guarantee that it will receive a clearly regulated number of clicks.

When using any tool in Internet marketing, it is important to understand the specifics of its work and features, otherwise it is very easy to be disappointed with the result.

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