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What needs to be set up at the beginning of website promotion?

✓ Add all mirrors to J.Webmaster (for example, with https and http). Set up the main site mirror correctly. The webmaster should have a “tree”.

✓ Region and Y.Directory - set the largest region and add all regions to Y.Directory. In Yandex.Directory, make sure the profile is 95% full.

✓ Connect a metric so that there is a counter bypass.

✓ Add the main, most important pages and standard pages of the site (several pages according to different templates, catalog sections, brands, filters, product cards (which are not removed and other important ones) in tracking pages.This is necessary to minimize the risk that the site will break and you will not know.

✓ Check if your robots.txt file is correct – close all service pages and duplicate pages.

✓ If the site is over 500 pages, check Sitemap.xml< /p>

✓ Check the indexing section of the site for strange numbers (if the site is new, then there should not be many deleted pages)

✓ Add your semantics by groups to the “Search queries” section< /p>

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