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How to choose keywords for website promotion?

The choice of keywords is one of the most important stages of website promotion. All further efforts will have no effect if you choose the wrong keywords.

Classification of search queries

By the type of information you are looking for:

Information requests. They are used to search for information, for example, "how to find new customers". These queries are interesting for promoting information sites, blogs, and mass media, but are less suitable for promoting commercial sites and online stores.

Commercial requests. They are used to search for various products or services in order to purchase them. A distinctive feature of such requests is the presence of the words "buy", "price", "cost", "order" and the like. For example: "order a website". These words indicate the user's desire to purchase something. Commercial websites are promoted based on such requests

By request frequency:

- High frequency. The most popular queries in the topic.

- Midrange. Requests with an average frequency. They are set frequently, but less frequently than the high-frequency ones.

- Low-frequency.

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