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Factors affecting the popularity of an Internet resource

Immediately after creating a website, you need to solve the issue of its indexing. This term means adding an Internet resource to the search engine database. The search bot will go to your resource itself, without reminders, if your project is referenced by other sites. The new site must be added to the search database manually. The second most important problem after indexing is the promotion of the resource-increasing its position in the search engine. Let's look at what affects the site's position in the search.

Let's say right away: all ranking algorithms are a secret and are constantly updated, and knowledge about the factors that affect the popularity of the site was obtained by experience.

The site's position in the search results is affected by:

- relevance of the page – the degree of its compliance with the search query entered by the user;

- behavioral factors – how much time the "average user" spends on your resource;

- the quantity and quality of the reference mass, TIC and PR indicators;

- social

Как раскрутить сайт

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